The Things They Took

They took our religion and created divisive doctrines.

They took the land and created partitions.

They took that which provided and confined it to a single source.

They took that which was bountiful and create scarcity. pt-ak125_mpmoun_g_20081105133354

They took that which was natural and made it poisoned.

They took our health and made us sick just to sell us a hollow remedy.

They took free will and gave it back to us, a la carte.

They took our ideologies and turned them against us.

They took what which wasn’t theirs and sold it back to its rightful owners.

They took our animals and gathered them for slaughter.

They took the many dimensions of beauty and corrupted each one.

They took the women and raped them.

They took the rights of man and women created a structure of inequality limited only to some.

They took communication and made it binary.

They took honor and made it nebulous.

They took profits, accumulated them and locked them away. Where?

They took our consciousnesses and upload2015-10-20-1445365090-8703308-4882-frnkenthaler1217_0008ed them.

They drew the lines and created difference.

They created access points and narrowed the portals.

They drafted us as slaves and put us up to slaughter.

They celebrated the individual and scandalized the organization.

They paved us into parcels miles apart.

They carved out cities where there should be none.

They took our resolve and encouraged our weakness.

They abandoned us when our minds let go.

They closed the mental wards and set us into the cold.

They took our education and made it inaccessible.

They took our music and made it worthless.

They created a system of abstraction to exonerate the guilty.

They took anything worth anything and destroyed it because they felt they could.


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